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In this article we discussed about YouTube Shorts. “YouTube announces its short form video service called YouTube Shorts. For android users in India, early beta version of the app is available. The latest version of the app only available with camera interface, and editing rules well be updated coming weeks. If you want to create shorts videos, if your country is eligible are not then follow these steps:

How to Create YouTube Shorts.

YouTube is exposing the included shorts. People who follow a short camera can start recording vertically for YouTube for android. To see this opportunity, as you get closer and start making your first short, tap the “+” sign on the YouTube application and select “Video”

Now, when you see ‘Make a short video” you will be taken to shorts camera, which lets you combine specific video units together, use speed controls and clocks, and add music. Can allows you to use switching gadgets. Video allowance.

If you have no access to shorts camera then How to create YouTube Shorts.

Since you don’t yet have a short code camera alternative, you can move your recording to less than 60 seconds using #shorts in pictures and captions. You will give a tube landing page shot to a piece to highlight the history produced by your tube shorts camera. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. You can start making shorts right.

When YouTube Shorts available in different countries?

There is no set date for the shorts to leave India as YouTube is not sure how long it will take to sample the opportunities and investigations. That being said, anyone can post shorts on YouTube right now, whether you live in India or visit beta.

The YouTube You move to can appear in the shorts guardians’ feed as long as they follow a set of rules:

  • Video that is less than 60 seconds.
  • Recorded in square or vertical format (record on your cell phone)
  • No need for #shorts to qualify but it won’t hurt.
  • Now it has a chance to be seen as a YT short but it’s not guaranteed.

If I upleded Shorts Videos will the Watch time added Monitization Page

  • If you upload short videos on your channel, the watch time is not included in monetization but short videos help grow your channel.
  • The YouTube monetization policy states that your channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.
  • If you upload a long video, your watch time will be included in monetization but short video watch time will not be included in monetization.


In fact, the shorts will stay on your channel with the standard YouTube accounts you recently announced. Trail your shorts will be included with your further extension account. With these posts, YouTube agents suggest that your group react to more limited date coming from your channel. Some YouTubers are creating new channels to keep their short designs and long construction materials separate. 

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