Time required to move the read/write heads from one track to another._ seek time

2. RAM stands for:_____________ Random access memory

3. If we are interested to see the map of some location, we can use map operator in the following way: ____________________Map Locations

4. If right circular shift is performed on a. eight times. same bit pattem is obtained as it is started._ ____________________Byte size bit pattern

5. According to famous Job market website most of the jobs are available in ______________Computer Science

6. We can use Boolean operators specially to find relevant pages._“And “Or

7. Average amount of time required for the desired data to rotate around to the read/write head once the head has been positioned over the desired track. ________________________________Rotational delay

8. Approximately haw many entries a typical dictionary in a word processor can contain?________________________________________________25,000 entries

9. The consists of the instructions that tell the control unit to request an activity within the arithmetic/logic unit_ _______________Arithmetic/logic group

10. CPU required at least to fetch the instruction from memory. Two nanosecond

11. In binary Addition 1+1is =__________________________________________10

12. Hexadecimal notation uses … symbol to represent a pattern of four bits. _________________________________________________________SINGLE

13. One term could mean more than one thing for example word: “Jaquar’ is used in two meanings such as ___________________________Animal and car

14. ENIAC stands for. Electronic numerical integrator and calculator

15. HDTV is the abbreviation of ____________________High definition television

16. Each sound have a_ _______________________________Wave

17. which type of registers is used in program execution? ___Special purpose

18. RGB stands for_____________________Red, green . blue

19. In…. digits on right side represent the fractional part.___ _Binary

20. If you search on Google that “how can | hack?”, then it would be so for your security. ____________________Difficult

21. (CPU and RAM are connected with to communicate with each other. __BUS

22. ‘The hexadecimal notation far: 111010000101010100010111______Is E85517

23. how Instruction can be fetched from the main memory to CPU?__By using Bus

24. There are Basic Boolean operations are.______________________4

25. We need memory to store data permanently.__ ____Non-Volatile

26. In CD data is stored on 2 single-track ……from inside outside. _Spiral

27. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as ___________________________________Search Engine Results Pages

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28. Generally how many steps a machine cycle have? __________________Three

29. “You can search a phrase when even you do not know word would be there at a particular ________________________________________________Document

  1. compact disk is consist of material: Reflective

  • Digital versatile disk capacity is ……MB                                600 to 700
  • SSDs stand for……..                  solid state disk
  • ASCII codes have ……. combinations                                     27
  • Unicode’s have a unique pattern of ……bits.                                             21
  • MIDI stands for………                         musical instrument digital interface
  • Integer representation in 2’s complement used normally …….bits ___ 32
  • When data being compressed consist of long sequence of same value, the compression technique is called…..___________ Run length encoding
  • SDHC (high capacity) can provide. …….GBs ______________ 32
  • Mostly computers have additional storage devices called……___ Mass storage
  • Most computers have additional memory device called mass storage is                   DVD,s and flash drive
  1. When you want to search Google or search a query on a particular social media, you can add a symbol?          “@”
  2. Fact sheet of ENIAC having weight_______________________________________________________ 30 tons
  3. Example of search engine is ————-Google, Yahoo and MSN
  4. Computer hardware is the collection of .. of computer system _ Physical parts
  5. A machine especially one programmer by a computer are called_________________ Robots
  6. Computer science applications are…………________________________ 7
  7. Data base learn about will be implemented using ———- tool like Microsoft access_________________ DBMS
  8. One of the earlier computer device was the———————————- Abacus

20.    1 kilo byte is equal to —————-   1024 byte

  • 1 tear byte is equal to ———-__________ 1024 GB
  • In one bit we can represent two pattern ——– 0 or 1
  • The bit receiver is known as the machine   Main memory
  • RAM access for —————- _                                     Random access memory
  • The rate at which can be transferred to or from the disk_________________________________________________ Transfer rate

26.    BDs stand for ——————–Blue ray disk

  • CAD stand for ————-    Computer added design
  • Loosy techniques can often provide than ——– compression than lossless More
  • A variation of dictionary encoding is —– Adaptive___ dictionary encoding
  • ——– is storage organization in which are ordered in FIFO fashion _Queue
  • Techniques that allow the steps in the machine cycle to overlap_______________________ Pipelining
  • MP3 do not require transfer rate more than….                 64 Kbps
  •       successfully relayed on communication paths having 40 Mbps Transfer rate   MPEG
  • CPU and main memory connected via……._______________________________________________ Bus
  • MP3 is short for…..___________________________________ MPEG layer 3
  • The best known system for compressing audio is. .  …………………………………………………………………………… MP3
  • The idea of storing a computer’s programme in its main memory is called……Stored program ___________ concept
  • RISC stands for                                         _Reduced instructions set computer
  • A request to transfer the contents of a register to a memory cell is called……..  STORE instructions
  • The commonly used standards for encoding and compressing audio and video were developed:                                  MPEG
  • CPU consists ……..parts:_______________________________________ 3
  • The use of AND operation is an example of the process…_____________ Masking
  • 8Kbps=………  1KB per second
  • Communication between computer and other device is through apparatus called…          Controller handling
  • The ability of a controller to access main memory called….DMA
  • WAN is abbreviated of …….wide wire network
  • The best known system of compressing audio is. ..  …………………………….. mp3
  • Mp3recording generally require transfer rates of no more than ——kbps___________ 64
  • To compare sequence of picture in MPEG only some of the pictures called I – frame
  • A machine CPU and main memory are connected by a collection of wires called? Bus
  • The now decode the content of its instruction register and executes its by activating the two’s complement addition circulatory with inpits being register?_5 and 6
  • The use of AND operation example of the process called ?________________________ Masking
  • The result of circular shift is called?        Rotation
  • Usb and Fire wire provide several?_____________________ Hundred Mbps
  • Communication between computing device is handled over path? __Serial and parallel communication
  • A network of former type is called …….. network _                                                                                                                Open
  • Computer network is often classified as:                                            All of these
  • The technique of holding data for output at a later but more convenient time is called          Spooling
  • A technique that transfer the distribution problem to internet routes  __Multi cast
  • A programme that enter a computer system disguised as a desirable programmed ———– Trojan horse
  • Transporting audio and video across the internet in real time is known as                    Streaming
  • If a user is using CGI script on a UNIX server, then the script type is called……..server side______scripting
  • ….is an autonomous program that transfers itself through a network, taking up residence in computer and forwarding copies of itself to other computer___________________________________________________________ Worm
  • Another form of malicious software is___________________________ Spyware
  • Dos stands for  Denial of service
  • Problem associated with an abundance of unwanted messages is the proliferation of unwanted email called.            Spam
  • Prevention tool that has filtering connotation is the….__________ Proxy server
  • SSL stands for      Secure socket layer
  • Public key is used for ………messages___________________________________________________________ Encrypt
  • Virus is executed in a computer _                               Before execution of Host
  • Explosion of replicated copies that degrade the performance of legtimate application. This is property of     Worm
  • Trojan can enter ________________       through games and utility package
  • Spyware also called______________________________ Sniffing software
  • Process of overloading a computer with messages.________________ DoS
  • Which key is required to decrypt messages                                  private key
  • Computer Fraud and abuse act Cover Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud
  • The distinction between the tier-1 and tier-2 ISPs is often a matter of opinion._                                                                                                                            True
  • An access ISP is essentially an independent internet, sometimes called Intranet
  • The process of using DNS to perform a translation is called DNS Lookup
  • VoIP is the abbreviation of                                     _Voice over Internet Protocol
  • An enormous portion of current internet traffic is used for transporting audio and video across the internet in real time, is known as                      Streaming
  • WWW is the abbreviation of World Wide Web                                        True
  • A networking technology called which enables an end user to automatically connect to the closest server out of a defined group of servers helps to make CDNs practical_____________________ Anycast
  • A second form of VoIP consists of                        Analog Telephone Adapters
  • The point at which one network is linked to an internet is offen called   Gateway
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Each domain must be registerd with ICANN process handled by companies called?          Registrars

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