HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2023 for Students in Pakistan

HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2023 for Students in Pakistan

Details of PM HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 – 2023 Online Application for Students in Pakistan are shared on this preparation point page. Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme – Online Registration Ends Last Date Prime Minister’s Online Registration Last Date Prime Minister Laptop Program 2022 Online Registration has just started. PM Laptop Scheme 2022 registration date phase will start on 10th July.

Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Registration. Punjab Chief Minister gave 1 million laptops to school going students in the evening. Students will get laptops by 2022. The first round of giving will be done by the 20th of next month, the minister said.

The notice specifies the requirements and guidelines. Prospective students of HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 are advised to apply during this period. Last Date for Submission of Application Form Prime Minister Laptop Scheme (New Phase Imran Khan Laptop Scheme 2022 to Apply Online) Matric, Intermediate, FA, FSC, ICS, ICom, DAE, Students (Male and Female) of BA, BSc, B. Work, BS and B.Ed.

Prime Minister HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022

Prime Minister HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022

Under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is expected to provide around 200,000 laptops in Phase IV and V to students of public sector universities as well as degree-granting institutions.

The free laptop scheme was launched by GJ and its affiliated services. According to HEC today, the last date to apply for laptops is September 30. Visit this page frequently for latest information regarding Youth.punjab.gov.pk Laptop Registration 2022. Application process for laptop, application form application last date, when you will be eligible to apply, test syllabus and past papers, as well as preparation books as well as MCQs answers and test pattern results, and merit list.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Laptop Scheme 2023 Registration

  • Eligibility Criteria (Stage-IV&V)-Contd.
  • Applicant must have a valid CNIC/B-Form number.
  • Must be a valid student by the last date of application submission i.e. 30 September 2017.
  • Students enrolled up to 30 September 2017 (for new enrollment the student must be enrolled before 30 November 2017) but not earlier than the duration of their respective program as per the table below:

Only students admitted in colleges located in FATA and Islamabad Capital Territory Region

  • Students studying in public sector universities/degree granting institutions recognized by HEC.
  • Students enrolled in PhD/ MS/ MPhil or equivalent 18-year program
  • Students enrolled in a 1 or 2-year Masters degree program (morning and evening)
  • A student enrolled in a 4-year or 5-year bachelor’s degree program (morning and evening).
  • Distance learning students in Virtual University of Pakistan or Allama Iqbal Open University.
  • Students studying in Government Degree or Post Graduate Colleges of Federal Capital and Federally Administered Tribal Areas.
  • Students from degree colleges of other provinces may come under relevant provincial arrangements (if any).
  • Eligibility and enrollment status of students as mentioned above will be determined on the day of distribution of laptops to the HEI.
  • The criteria for students enrolled in distance education programs at VU and AIOU and students of Polytechnic Institutes of Pakistan and AJK will be defined in collaboration with the respective Universities/Boards and updated accordingly.
  • No laptop will be issued to those who have benefited from such measures taken by the government or higher education institution in the past.

Please Note: The following students will not be eligible for laptops under this scheme:

  • Students of any private sector higher education institution
  • Students of any government degree and post graduate college other than federal capital and FATA
  • Students who have received a laptop under any scheme of the federal or provincial government.
  • Foreign nationals, except students of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Indian Occupied Kashmir
  • Any other student not listed above and/or as identified and decided by the Steering Committee.

  • Criteria for distribution of laptops to students studying in ICT and GCT colleges:
  • Laptops under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme to meritorious students admitted to graduate/post-graduate colleges run by Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) and Government Technical Colleges/Government Vocational Colleges of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. will be given.
  • The latest academic performance in the examination conducted by the concerned board will be considered for making the merit list.
  • Students enrolled in Intermediate, Graduate/Postgraduate programs in any degree or postgraduate colleges of ICT; And in the case of GCTs, students enrolled in two-year or three-year DAE programs will be considered.
  • The total quota is 20,000 laptops ie 5,000 laptops per year for the four years of the scheme (ie 2014-15 to 2017-18).
  • Quota of Graduate/Post Graduate Colleges in ICT is 10,000 i.e. 2,500 laptops for each year of this scheme (i.e. 2014-15 and 2017-18).
  • The total number of laptops will be distributed across all ICT colleges and all GCTs based on the number of applicants who have applied under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme instead of enrolment.

Example: Total number of applicants/applicants applying from the college x annual quota

Note: The share of colleges for ICT and GCTs will be calculated separately.

  • Highly meritorious students will be considered for laptops against the allotted quota of each department/program according to their respective quota.
    Any leftover laptops will be adjusted between students as follows:-
    Students from the same college in the same program level in order of academic performance
    Students of ICTs/GCTs of the same ICT/Province, in order of academic performance
  • Department / Discipline wise allocation within the College will be done on the basis of applications received.

Applicants applied by Department or Discipline / Total Number of Applicants from within the College * Calculated Quota for the College

  • No laptops will be issued to those who have availed this opportunity in any government funded schemes.
  • The applicant’s data must be verified by the Principal/Vice Principal or his designated official.

Eligibility for laptop award will also be determined at the time of distribution. If the student(s) fails to produce the required documents and proof of academic performance, against the data that made him/her eligible for the laptop, he/she will not be given the laptop.

Criteria for Distribution of Laptops to Students of Graduate/Post Graduate Colleges of FATA

  • Under the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme, laptops will be awarded on merit to meritorious students admitted to Government Graduate and Post Graduate Colleges located in FATA and FR region.
  • The latest academic performance in the examination conducted by the concerned Board/University will be considered for making the merit list.
  • These laptops will be given to Intermediate, Bachelor and Post Graduate level students who have enrolled by the last date of application submission i.e. 30 September 2017.
  • The total quota for Phase IV and V is 5,000 laptops.
  • The total number of laptops will be distributed equally among all FATA (7 Agencies)/FR Regions (6 Regions) on constituency basis. However, the remaining laptops will be distributed among the students of FATA.
  • No laptop will be issued to those who have availed this opportunity in any laptop scheme funded by Government of Pakistan.

Yearly proportional allocation will be made as follows;

Selection Criteria for Youth.punjab.gov.pk Laptop

Download the application form to apply to the 2022 Youth Laptop Program. At present the government has decided to provide 200 laptops in the last year of its tenure to achieve the target of 500,000 laptops in four years. Pakistan to offer no-cost laptop program starting 2022 HEC’s free laptop scheme 2022 was initially distributed to public sector universities. Later, colleges and technical schools were also included in the program.

Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme Apply Online

Students who wish to apply for the scholarship program that will provide free laptops until 2022 should follow the steps below and then submit the scholarship application. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be given an opportunity to be selected. Initially there were only Ph.D. MPhil students were selected to participate in the program. Students who fulfill the requirements are eligible to apply for the GJ Laptop Scholarship 2022.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Online Registration

Student must have SSC or Matriculation Degree (Science or Arts) Intermediate/High School Diploma Students (FA, FSC, ICS, i.com and DAE) Graduation (BA BSC, BA B.Com, BS) with 50% marks in the latter have to do Laptops were also provided to BS level students. At the time the scheme was introduced distance learning institutions were not part of it and had to complete 50% of the possible points. The grades you obtained during the previous academic year.

Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Registration

Students who are pursuing a secondary school degree through a university can apply. Later Allama Iqbal Open University and Virtual University were also selected to be part of the program. Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif was the chief guest of the ceremony. PM Youth Program Chairperson Mrs. Laila Khan and HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 Chairman Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed also participated.

Detailed information and eligibility requirements

  • Laptops will be awarded based on performance.
  • Visit the official website, where interested applicants can apply.
  • If you have any questions about your inclusion on this list, please contact us. You can get the head of your school or institution and the program registrar.
  • Date/Schedule of Imran Khan 2nd and 3rd List of Laptop Distribution System for 2022
  • Students have completed the registration process for the new term.
  • Students with this status may contact the Help Desk to amend their academic records.
  • The institution and the person in charge of the investigation have verified the student’s record.
  • In earlier projects, the government gave most of the laptops to students. If you have any problems, contact your university contact.
  • Please use your email address and CNIC mobile number during the registration procedure.
  • If you receive the same email and provide incorrect information, you can cancel your laptop.
  • There is no fee to join this program. Do not submit the form until you have read the instructions and frequently asked questions.
  • Last date of registration is fixed as 10 January 2022.
  • Data must be valid. If there is a problem your laptop will be cancelled.
  • At the master’s level students have access to a laptop computer. After that, they will be given to bachelors, then inter and matric students.
  • Candidates must have a minimum of 60% in each degree program to which they apply.
  • Students should be ranked based on their ability, not their race or ethnicity.

Intermediate and matric level students can also apply for laptops through this program. Basically, this means that the eligibility of HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 is same for elementary and middle class. Due to this, if you clear the exam, you will be eligible for a laptop under the PM plan. Otherwise, they will not give computers to ineligible applicants.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme

This HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 program is exclusively available for university admission students, and HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 government immediately introduced the PM laptop program. This laptop program is open to Pakistan Government University students with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) below 3.00. Apply Online Registration Form, Merit List, or any other information about Prime Minister Imran Khan Laptop Scheme 2022 Online If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

PM Laptop Youth Scheme 2022-23 Online Registration

Imran Khan’s laptop plan is detailed here. If you meet the eligibility criteria for HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 and have the required grades, you can apply for this program and get your own laptop computer.

Download Application Form for Youth Laptop Scheme 2022

For this type of information, children of all ages are enrolling for computers under a new program. This HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 program is designed to teach students about computer technology. In fact, the future of employment and education will depend solely on computer technology in the coming years. So students should take advantage of this opportunity to participate in this program as they will be able to access internet services on their laptops in future. To get a computer from PM, we recommend signing up for this program.

PM Laptop Scheme 2022 Registration Date

As a final point, candidates can come from all over the country, including provinces and cities. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student in government or private sector. All students of HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 are welcome to apply. So, if you have any queries, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

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