Pak301 Assignment 01 Solution Fall 2022

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“The Indian National Congress has always claimed to be representative of all sections of Indian society”; Keeping this statement in mind, critically evaluate the emergence of the All India Muslim League as an opposition force. Justify your answer with five correct points. (5 Marks)

What socio-political services of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan made him the ‘savior’ of the Muslims of the subcontinent during the British rule? Explain your answer with five relevant points. (10 Marks)

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Question No. 1 Solution:

The All India Muslim League was founded in Dacca to promote loyalty to the British and to protect and advance the political rights and interests of the Muslims of India.

The communal idea that Muslims are a separate nation was first sown in Indian political ethos by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a philosopher and Muslim reformer.

All India Muslim League was the first Muslim political party in India. The idea was that the Congress party catered only to the needs of Hindus. This was a wrong idea as the Congress was always intended to include every community in the country and had many Muslim leaders as members.

AIML was primarily a party of educated elite Muslims, at least initially. The main objective of the party was to promote and secure the civil rights of Muslims. He advocated loyalty to the British government to gain more political and civil rights.

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The objectives of the league were:

To create feelings of loyalty to the British government among the Muslims.

To protect the political rights of Muslims and convey them to the government.

To prevent the growth of prejudice among Muslims against other communities in India.

Jinnah and the Muslim League led the struggle for the partition of British India into separate Hindu Muslim states and after the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the League became the dominant political party in Pakistan.

Solution to Question No. 2:

He was one of the early pioneers who recognized the important role of education in empowering the poor and marginalized Muslim community. In more ways than one, Sir Syed was a great social reformer and a great national architect of modern India.

Sir Syed intensified his work to promote cooperation with the British authorities while promoting loyalty to the Empire among Indian Muslims.

The Urdu-Hindi Controversy Urdu developed as the common language of all Indians, regardless of origin or religion, but in 1867 Banarasi Hindus began a campaign to replace Urdu with Hindi. To achieve the objectives, he announced various organizations which discouraged Sir Syed who told Shakespeare that henceforth the two nations could not live together.

In 1888, Sir Syed founded the Patriotic Association to meet Congress propaganda. Muslims and Hindus joined the association. He advocated the sentiments of Muslims.

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan envisioned a bright future for Muslims if they engaged themselves in western education.

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