How to Sell on ebay Safely for Beginners

We want to sell on eBay but we don’t know that how to sell on eBay? No problem, In this article we complete guide that how to sell on eBay.

If you don’t know about eBay then we tell you that the eBay is a largest e-commerce website on the world of internet where you can sell and by any kind of products any ware in the world. This is neat and clean website where you can find any products easily using simple products. You can bid together and you can choose to buy the spot avoid waiting. So, we discussed a more about how to sell.

Making money on eBay is hard! People think they can just build an online business and earn extra income, that’s nonsense! There is no easy way to make money (not that I know of), you have to work hard and put in the time to build a successful business.

Be Customer Oriented – This is one of the most important things you can do, respond to messages quickly, don’t leave your customers in the dark, give them all the information they need and anticipate what they need. What else will be needed? Always think like you are the customer and what you would like to know.

Look professional to get the edge – many sellers just put an item out there and hope it sells, not a good tactic! You need to look professional and trustworthy, and to get the look you need to work on a professional eBay listing design, you can spend money on graphic designers, if you know HTML. If so, you can design your own or use one of the online eBay listing design solutions. It’s easy and quick.

Always look for the next source of income – eBay sales are not passive income, you have to work at it, keep listing new items, improve your existing listings and follow the competition To make sure you are better than that. Offer the best price for them and your customers.

Some Steps How to sell on eBay:

1- Register for an eBay account:

The first step to start work on eBay is register or create account on eBay. You can create free account or register free on eBay, and the store will give you the opportunity to buy and sell. It will become a means of payment for buying and selling.

Please note for total items, you cannot bid on your own items. This type of bid called pre bid and this is illegal and if you try this step your account may be suspend. If you made two accounts then please work them responsibly in accordance with eBay’s Policies and regulations.

There should be a picture of everything sold on eBay. This should be an image of the original item. Make sure there is enough light so buyers can see the details of what they are buying. You can submit 12 or more images for a project for free. Take photo different types of angles.

2- Give the right description of the item you’re selling on eBay.

Another step choose the best and accurate description for the products and new label without any label use mint condition heavy use, useless or easy services. You can also paste that you need to repair it and declare that it is not in working condition. If this is an electronic product or any other types of product or item that has resume or ended its normal operation.

You can also provide the brand name of the product or item model number of the product if available or color or other types of information. If you provide more detail then it is better. When you provide complete detail of each item you will build a reputation as an honest and reputable seller on eBay. If your ranking is so good, then it will help potential buyers feel confident about buying from you, so your ranking is most important.

3- Set Your Price:

If you are selling at auction the please keep the best price list at the lowest price you want to charge for the item.

If the item priced at $100 and you set auction price at $10 then if only one person submits $10, then you have to sell the bid to win that price. The final sale price can easily exceed $100 but there is no guarantee or priced for the product or item.


In this article we discussed about how to sell on eBay. If you start work on eBay and want to sell products or item then this article would helpful for you.

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