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Typing work Online earning in Pakistan without investment 2022 | Earn money online in Pakistan

The company offers you to make money by viewing ad units and attracting referrals.

View ads, and we’ll credit your account up to 21 cents for showing ad units. Create referrals and transfer 30% of their earnings to your account.

This seems to be the most lucrative offer in the paid advertising market right now!

Your income is practically unlimited and it depends on how much time you spend in front of your computer. By working an average of 3-5 hours a day, you can earn 50 to 300 doller or more in your account.

All earned funds are stored in the employee’s personal account and are paid into your bank card or electronic account within 1 hour upon request to your account.

What compensation will I get?

You are paid to view ads. Currently, the ad unit view price is 21 cents. After signing in to our website you will see ad units. In addition, you will be able to attract referrals (other employees), and earn 30% of their earnings. A referral link is available in your account in your user profile.

What compensation will I get?

It’s easy enough! There are many different ways. You may have a social network account (Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and have friends there. Suggest them on our website, and you can significantly increase your revenue. You can send a link to your friends via SMS or email or private messages in social networks.

how much can I earn

Your income is practically unlimited and it depends on how much time you spend in front of the computer, the number of answers to the questions and the number of references sent. So, if you spend 4-6 hours a day at work, you can see 200 ad units and earn $ 600 per day or $ 18,000 per month.


How can I get money?

Money can be withdrawn from any bank, PayPal or other easy payment system (Western Union etc.) credit card system. Withdrawals are processed within an average of 1 business day.

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