YouTube Offers Creators More Ways to Make Money on Shorts.

YouTube Offers Creators More Ways to Make Money on Shorts.

YouTube is going to make its short-form video app Shorts part of its partner program, which will help millions of creators earn a share of advertising revenue in Shorts.

YouTube is also making it easier for creators, who don’t qualify for the partner program, to earn money through tips, subscriptions, and selling merchandise, The Verge reports.

It aims to offer better monetization options than its Chinese rival TikTok and bring more creators back to Shorts.

To date, YouTube has monetized Shorts through creator funding, purchases, and tips.

YouTube last year announced a $100 million fund to start paying creators who use shorts.

YouTube shorts are now viewed by over 1.5 billion signed-in users per month with over 30 billion views per day.

In the era of TikTok, Google-owned YouTube shorts are gaining momentum and the company has seen encouraging results in its initial efforts to monetize the short video creation platform.

Philip Schindler, senior vice president, and chief business officer of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), said in July that consumers are clearly expanding and using short-form videos and are watching them on multiple platforms, including YouTube. are

“We’re seeing good user engagement on YouTube. Early monetization results for shorts are also encouraging, and we’re excited about the opportunity here,” Schindler said during a call with analysts.

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