Make your next birthday a special one with personalized birthday cards with hand-picked happy birthday wishes or wishes that are sure to make the special day a great one. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or someone else’s, you can count on our list of happy birthday quotes to help put a smile on someone’s face. From inspirational and funny to cute sayings, browse our list of quotes to find the best ones that resonate with you.

When someone near and dear to you turns a year older, you’ll want to do everything you can to make their day even more memorable. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, cocktail party, or dinner at the honoree’s favorite restaurant, you’ll want to give the guest a happy birthday card and birthday gift. This year, say “Happy Birthday!” With a custom card and a few words no one will forget. Whether you’re looking for a greeting to make someone laugh or a heart-warming one, these birthday quotes are a great place to start. Find a quote or message that works for you and resonate with it.

When you sit down with a blank birthday greeting card in front of you, don’t be surprised if you can’t put pen to paper. Many of us get a case of writer’s block when we sit down to write birthday card greetings, especially to those we love the most. Sure, the birthday honoree knows how much you love and appreciate them, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them of their day. Beautiful personalized birthday cards with your birthday wishes, or perhaps birthday care packages. You can even bundle all your favorite photos of the birthday girl or boy together in a festive photo book or birthday calendar to remind you of your love throughout the year. The following birthday quotes will make great additions to your cards for family and friends. Go to any relevant section below:

Birthday Quotes, Wishes, And Text Messages For Friends And Family

I hope you know how loved you are today, best friend! Happy Birthday!

Every year on your birthday, I am reminded of how much you mean to me as a best friend.

Birthdays only come once a year, and your friendships only come once in a lifetime.

You are like a sister to me. Cheers to many more birthdays shining together.

My best friend was born today! Where would I be without you?

Happy birthday to my partner in crime and my favorite person!

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more years of health and prosperity.

Don’t count the candles, but look at their light. Count not your years but the life you live. Happy Birthday.

There are friends, and then there are best friends. Happy birthday to the best friend I could ask for!

I am lucky to have a best friend like you. Happy birthday, my person!

Birthday phrases

You are creating a beautiful life for yourself—enjoy it, especially today.

Thank you for living your life in a way that makes every day worth celebrating. The happiest of birthdays!

This is my annual reminder that there is no one like you! Wishing you the best birthday!

Thank you for being the brightest person I know. Hope to see you shine for years to come!

Happiness is watching your best friend grow with you! Happy Birthday!

Greetings to nights that turned into mornings and friends that turned into family. Happy Birthday!

You have grown so much in a year. I am always proud of you! Happy Birthday.

You make every day special just by being you. I hope you’re enjoying your special day — may life continue to bring you better days to come. 💜

Happy birthday to an inspiring person who is a shining example for us all.

Your coming year is full of promise and potential. You make it the best yet. Happy Birthday!

Short and sweet birthday wishes

Welcome to another trip around the sun!

Today is about you. I can’t wait to celebrate you all day!

I wish you all the best for your birthday this year. 🎂

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many more years ahead!

Happy birthday or die my ride. Love you!

You’re not just my best friend, you’re the best ever! Happy Birthday!

Our age is only the number of years the world has been enjoying us!

Every cool person has an even cooler best friend! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my irreplaceable best friend.

Greet the new year with even better you! Happy Birthday!

Funny birthday sayings

If you’re getting old, that means I am too!

I thought you got better and wiser with age? Well, there’s always next year. 😂

Don’t think of it as getting old, think of it as a classic.

You suck in old age! Can you at least try to look older?

Happy Birthday. It took you [BFF’s age] years to look this good!

Happy birthday to my forever young friend!

You are older than today but younger than yesterday — Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to this dime in her prime!

It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friend who is your diamond!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! How did we get so old?

You’re like a fine wine—you get better with age!

Classic messages for a birthday party

Life is more fun with you by my side! Let’s make this birthday memorable!

Hey you! Today is your birthday! Cake! Candles! Drinks! presents! More drinks! Can you tell I’m excited?

Don’t forget to smile awkwardly because everyone is singing “Happy Birthday” to you today!

Birthday calories don’t count, so the next drink is on me! 🍹

How many birthdays have we spent together now? I guess it’s official — you’re stuck with me.

We’re gonna sip [insert BBF’s favorite drink] like it’s Yu’s birthday. 🥳

I hope you are treated like the queen you are today, my friend. 👑

You deserve all the cake, happiness and love today. Happy birthday and #treatyourself!

You want 24 hours of happiness, even though you deserve it for a lifetime.

Let’s party like [insert your BFF’s year of birth]! Happy Birthday. 🥳

Notes on celebrating from afar

Although the celebrations will look a little different this year, you’re always the life of the party — more than Zoom, and all. Happy Birthday!

Distance means nothing to a person who means everything! Happy Birthday!

Wish I could spend your birthday with you, but know that you are on my mind and in my heart. ♥️

Sending you nothing but positive vibes on your birthday. ❤️

Thanks for being my turn-up partner, venting partner, and everything in between! enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!

I’m toasting you on your birthday from afar!

Here’s to more life, love, and adventure with you!

I hope your day is filled with love. I’m celebrating in spirit with you!

The next time we get together, we’ll have a special birthday toast in your honor.

I know the distance can feel great, but my love for you is so great

Birthday Messages for Husband on Facebook

1). Dear husband, I wish you a happy birthday through Facebook and send you lots of love and good wishes. I have also uploaded a beautiful picture for you.

2). Dear Husband, Sending you warm wishes and birthday greetings on your special day. I hope you have a good time with friends and loved ones.

3). Dear Husband, Happy Birthday and have a wonderful celebration. I send you my love and best wishes via Facebook.

4). Dear husband, I send you birthday wishes via Facebook and sweet messages expressing my love for you on your special day.

5). Dear husband, I wish you lots of happiness and a wonderful birthday via Facebook. I hope you enjoy this occasion with good moments.

Funny Birthday Messages for Kids

1). Dear children, I invite you to my party at my residence tomorrow. I will expect a beautiful gift from you as you promised to give me a surprise.

2). Dear child, I hope you will come to my residence tomorrow for my son’s birthday party. I hope no mischief or vandalism will happen to my precious decorations like last time.

3). Dear child, I thank you for coming to my birthday party at my house yesterday. I am more than happy for the expensive birthday present you promised me last time.

4). Dear child, I will be expecting your arrival at my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the party without causing a ruckus last time.

5). Through this text message, I invite you, baby baby, to my birthday party at my residence. I will eagerly wait for you to gift me your best value game pack that you promised me. I hope you don’t forget it.

Birthday wishes for boyfriend

1). To the prince of my life, I send you the most romantic birthday wishes through this message. You are the perfect example of a perfect life partner. Thank you for making me a part of your life.

2). Happy birthday to the boy who has always made my heart skip a beat. This text message carries thousands of kisses and hugs from hundreds of miles away.

3). Happy birthday to the boy who drives me crazy with his cute smile. What I love more is the way you make me happy. Wait for the next message; More surprises are on your way.

4). Best romantic birthday wishes for you my love. You have made me the happiest girl ever. I will always be the sweet cherry on the cake of your life. Happy birthday darling!

5). Baby…my love for you is growing day by day and today on your birthday I would like to say through this message that you complete me and that is what makes me happy. Happy Birthday! Love you to bits and pieces.

Funny Birthday Messages for Mom

1). Dear Mom, I wish you a beautiful and happy birthday. I hope you made a beautiful cake that I would rather cut into as I love it.

2). Dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you and I expect you to treat me to the sweet pudding you made last year. I will treat you only if you make it for me.

3). Dear Mom, Through this writing I wish you a happy and wonderful birthday celebration and I wish you to make my day perfect by arranging a return gift for me.

4). Dear Mom, this text contains my love for you and birthday wishes to make you feel good and happy. I hope you will try dancing classes as a birthday gift from me to cheer you up sometimes.

5). Dear Mom, I wish you a very happy birthday and wish your party goes smoothly this time like last year. I hope you don’t invite too many girlfriends because I feel weird.

Happy birthday to mother in law

“You have made it easy for me to treat you like my real mother. This text message is for this beautiful sweet lady who has become a second mother to me. Today is my special day and I wish you a happy birthday. Thank you so much for your guidance and guidance. You are the epitome of a perfect mother-in-law. Happy birthday.”

Happy birthday to brother in law

“Only a lucky few get a brother-in-law like you. Through this text message, I wish you the best on your birthday today and announce that you have the perfect combination of loving and funny nature. Our Thank you for being part of the family. Wishing you a special birthday.”

Happy birthday to daughter-in-law

“God surprised us with a wonderful gift and he gave you as our daughter-in-law. I have always handpicked things for my son but by choosing you he has surpassed all records. . This message comes to you with all my blessings. Be happy always. Happy birthday my dear daughter-in-law.”

Happy birthday to father in law

“Your freckles are a perfect example of the wisdom and knowledge you share with us. Gray hair shows how deeply you have experienced things in life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your grandchildren. , no curriculum can teach them that. On your special day today I wish you a happy birthday. You have another decade of happy days ahead of you.”

Happy birthday to son in law

“This text message is sent to wish you the best on your birthday and to thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. You are the greatest addition to our family. Have lots of fun. Wishing you many happy days. Happy birthday.”

Happy birthday grandson

1). Happy birthday to the amazing grandson. PS Your presence in our life removes all our sorrows. This message goes out to you with all my prayers that life is a celebration for you every day. Happy Birthday.

2). Time flies fast. It seems like yesterday when I was watching my son grow, now I see you growing every minute…how to eat from a bowl. Happy birthday to the prize of my life.

3). This message carries all my best wishes for you on your birthday. It’s only for you that I look forward to growing old. Happy birthday my grandson.

4). Happy birthday to the most beautiful and intelligent grandson. This message is my shining star for you to climb the ladder of life fulfilling all your dreams.

5). Here’s a bunch of hugs and kisses on your birthday because I don’t do that to you very often. Make your special day a major hit. I got your message for the party tonight. See you soon in the evening. Happy birthday once again.

Happy birthday to grandpa

1). Happy birthday to the most handsome grandfather in the universe. Sending this message with lots of love and to let you know that you are one in millions. Happy Birthday!

2). Dear Grandpa, This message is for my hero who comforts me in my good and bad times. Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of your arms around me. Happy birthday to my lovely awesome grandfather.

3). Happy birthday to you. The best collection of your favorite old movies. May you always be in good health and enjoy those old movies as much as you enjoy watching them now. Thank you for being such a great grandpa.

4). There is an abundance of love for you in this text message. Grandpa, like a vintage car, your value increases with each passing day. Happy birthday to the wonderful person who loved me unconditionally.

5). Grandfather, do you know that you are a treasure to our family. I can share with you everything from the funniest joke to the most serious problem. Thank you for your precious love. Happy birthday to you grandpa.

Happy birthday wishes for grandma

1). Happy birthday to this beautiful lady who graces our home with her grace and maturity. In this message, my grandmother, I wish you an abundance of love and good health.

2). Dear Grandma, today on your birthday let me share a special message that we all love you so much. Happy birthday wishes to the world’s sweetest and dearest grandmother.

3). Grandma, do you know that God has truly blessed our home with your presence. I am sending you the best collection of your favorite cookies for your special day. Heartfelt birthday wishes to our family.

4). Happy birthday to the role model of my life. Through this text message I want to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. I love you grandma mom. Happy Birthday!

5). You are the best example of true happiness. Grandma you gifted me with the most precious childhood memories. Happy birthday to my superstar grandmother.

Happy birthday granddaughter

1). Special birthday wishes to our lovely granddaughter. Sending you prayers through this message to explore the world, fulfill all your dreams and live a wonderful life beyond imagination. Love you, my dear.

2). Dear granddaughter, through this message we tell you that today is the day you came into our lives and became our doctor as you grew up, putting a happy smile on our face forever. Happy birthday to our beloved.

3). You are the evening of our life. You will receive love, advice and guidance from us throughout your life. Happy birthday to our sweet little angel.

4). This text message is to tell you on your day that you are the most beautiful woman in the world to us. Thanks for being an amazing granddaughter. Nothing makes us happier than watching you grow every day. Happy birthday to you dear.

5). Happy birthday to the most famous granddaughter. Lots of love in this message and thanks for making us the most fashionable grandparents ever. Today we know for you what Facebook, email, hair straightener, fake eyelashes, nail art are all.

Cute Birthday Wishes and Messages

1). This text message is for the one who has always given me enough reasons to smile. Today on your birthday I want to make it special and make you smile. Happy birthday to you my love.

2). Happy birthday to the dearest, sweetest and loveliest person. Through this message I would like to say that another year full of surprises and joy awaits you.

3). Dear, just a message for the most wonderful person of your day that you make your age look great. Happy and joyful birthday wishes.

4). Dear friend, sending you lots of love on your special day through this message. I also send you the best collection of your favorite songs. May your days be filled with sweet melodies like these songs. Happy Birthday.

Happy belated birthday

1). If you had postponed your birth by a week, this would be your first birthday wish. Happy birthday to the person I’m thinking about a lot these days.

2). I didn’t want to send you a text message on a day when everyone did the same for me. Every day is special for you. Happy birthday wishes.

3). Well, I followed the great old adage that we should celebrate our birthdays before and after. So I am here to celebrate it after the special date. Birthday greetings.

4). Although this message of happiness and love comes a little late, the quantity of love is not reduced even an ounce. Happy Birthday to you.

5). Birthday greetings. This text message is sent to you with double the gifts, hugs and kisses. Stay awesome as always.

Happy birthday best mate

1). Happy birthday to the best work colleague from our team. This text shows that you are the best example of team spirit, support and guidance.

2). This text message is a solution to meeting boredom, a partner in beating the Monday blues and a great source of motivation – happy birthday to the happiest and happiest person.

3). Happy birthday to the person who is always a pleasure to work with. The message through this text is to work hard today because your promotion is directly related to how hard you work tonight.

4). Happy birthday to the person who is more than a partner. You are the life of office parties and the one for whom I never have a dull day at the office. Sending you the best collection of awesome party ideas to go crazy tonight.

5). Dear Colleague, Today I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate you as a person and to make my workplace a better place. Birthday greetings. I received your message for invitation. Will be there on time.

Cute Birthday Messages for Best Friend

1). Dearest friend, this text invites you to my birthday party tomorrow at my residence. I hope you bring nice gifts or I’ll make sure you can’t get in.

2). Dear best friend, I am grateful to you for arriving at my birthday party and creating a ruckus in the celebration. I will do the same on your birthday and crash the party.

3). This text is a heartfelt thank you wish for my best friend for coming to my birthday party. We really had a blast throwing drinks at the guests and celebrating in style.

4). Dear Best Friend, Thank you for giving me the precious gift you promised me. I am sure it will cost you fortune but I know you won’t mind as it is for your good friend.

5). Dear Best Friend, Through this writing I invite you to my daughter’s birthday party at my residence tomorrow. Make sure you come and that too with the best gift in town for her.

Birthday Messages for Brother in Law

1). Dear sister-in-law, happy birthday to you. I hope you celebrate the special day well with my care and I hope it has given you many gifts.

2). Dearest sister-in-law, I wish you happy birthday with good moments. I hope you have a wonderful celebration ahead with your loved ones and a feast for me.

3). Dear sister-in-law, happy birthday to you and always. Don’t forget to treat me once I’m you because I missed your celebration today.

4). Dear sister-in-law, I wish you a very happy and birthday from the bottom of my heart. I pray to the Lord to grant you the best blessings of prosperity.

5). Dear sister-in-law, I wish you a very happy and wonderful birthday. I send you gifts especially for you as well as wishes with love.

Birthday messages for girlfriend on birthday card

1). Through this beautiful card, I send my heartfelt best wishes for your birthday. I send you gifts to make your birthday special.

2). This card wishes my lovely girlfriend to be happy and lovely as always. I hope you have a great birthday celebration.

3). Beautiful girlfriend, happy birthday to you with lots of love and happiness. I am sending you the precious gift you always wanted from me.

4). Dear girlfriend, may your happiness increase tenfold and may you always be a lovely person. I send my love and a special message on your birthday as a token of my love for you.

5). Dear girlfriend, have a blast on your birthday. Your celebration must be spectacular as you enter your beautiful teenage years and give me a treat to celebrate.

Funny Birthday Messages for Dad

1). Dear Father, now is the time for you to give me the invitation that you have been promising me for so long. It’s your birthday and it’s a good occasion. I wish you a happy birthday.

2). Dear Dad, I wish you a very happy birthday always. Papa, I want to give you a precious gift provided you arrange a return gift for me that too of my choice.

3). Dear Dad, Happy birthday full of love to you. It’s that time of year when I look forward to reminding you of your age and how quickly I’ve grown up.

4). Dear Dad, I wish you a happy birthday and I look forward to the biggest celebration this evening. I hope you add music for me and my friends.

5). Dear Dad, Through this text I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration. I’m sending you a nice bottle of champagne because I get a little more of my monthly dues for it than other months.

Funny Birthday Messages for Husband

1). Loving husband, I wish you a happy birthday and send you my love. I hear you have a great party with your friends but make sure to clean up afterwards.

2). Dear husband, I wish you a very happy birthday. Be sure to gift me a dress on my birthday dear because I am gifting you a beautiful token of my love.

3). Dear husband, I wish you a wonderful birthday. I hope you will remember to give me the treatment I will definitely take when I get home.

4). Dear husband, I wish you lots of happiness and love on your birthday. Make sure you have arranged a return gift for me when I come home and gift you my gift.

5). Dear Husband, Time seems to be flying so fast and today is your birthday. I wish you a happy birthday and look forward to the barbecue you said you would have on your special day.

Funny birthday messages for boyfriend

1). Dear lover, I wish you a happy birthday. Don’t forget to give me the special birthday treat you promised me dear.

2). Happy birthday to you dear love. I hope you have a good celebration with friends without leaving me or I won’t give you a present.

3). Dear lover, make sure you arrange a romantic return gift for me on your birthday. I wish you a happy birthday and send you the best gifts.

4). Dear Lover, I wish you a wonderful and wonderful birthday. Please treat your friends later and not me because I find them difficult to handle and will have to fight like before.

5). Dear lover, I wish you a happy birthday. I send you my love and a gift you will love. In return, make sure you send me the special gift you promised me because I didn’t do anything.

Happy birthday daughter

1). Happy birthday to my sweet little daughter. Today through this message I wish you to always be surrounded by happiness and beauty. Love life and never stop dreaming.

2). This text message is for the wonderful daughter who has been more like a friend. Thanks for always being there and being so strong. Happy birthday to my sweetie!

3). You are with us today because God was pleased and the angels smiled. Happy birthday to the sweetest daughter. Love to you in this message and may you see a thousand rainbows every day.

4). Dear daughter, through this text message I would like to tell you to see you grow day by day and you are the one who gave meaning to our lives. You are our pride. Best birthday to my love!

5). You are truly an example of a perfect daughter. You are the best gift we ever had and give us plenty of reasons to smile every day. Happy birthday to the most amazing daughter.

Cool Birthday Wishes

1). A birthday message from your friend who can’t count past 25. But I remember both your birthday and your age. Happy birthday friends!

2). Well, birthdays should not be celebrated because you are a year older but because you are a day older than yesterday. Happy birthday!

3). This message is for those who don’t let age tell them who they are but who they love. Happy birthday to the best person I’ve ever known.

4). This is your day. Happy birthday to you with the message Dance like there’s no audience to see you. Promise to keep it off YouTube until your birthday is over this year.

5). Happy birthday to the man who knows the difference between growing up and getting old. Have a wonderful day and I’m sure you will as you are the charming person who knows how to have fun.

Short and funny birthday wishes

A very happy birthday.

Many happy returns to you on your birthday! Have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake!

Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

I hope your birthday is filled with sunshine, rainbows, love and laughter! Sending you many best wishes on your special day.

Happy birthday to you! May all your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday! Here’s to a memorable day and a year ahead filled with adventure and joy.

Happy birthday! Wishing you a truly wonderful day.

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a beautiful day and many blessings for the coming year.

Happy birthday to you! Sending you our love and best wishes.

Happy birthday to a great friend! I hope you have a good one.

I was hoping to get you a birthday present that is truly amazing and inspiring. Then I remembered that I already had you.

Happy Birthday! Don’t forget to iron that birthday suit.

It’s not the gray hairs you see. They are strings of birthday glitter coming out of your head.

Don’t let old age get you down. Getting up again is very difficult!

Are you [insert age]? Fire hazard warning! Let’s take that cake outside to light the candles this time! A very happy birthday to you.

Night sweats and hot flashes are nature’s saving grace. They reduce your heating bill to save money for retirement.

[insert age] is a perfect age. You are old enough to recognize your mistakes, but still young enough to do something else. Happy Birthday!

do not worry. They are not gray hairs. They are highlights of wisdom. You are just extremely wise.

Happy Birthday! I’m so glad to hear you’re over the hill instead of under it.

Happy Birthday. It took you [insert age] years to look this good!

I wouldn’t call you old… it’s just that you’re younger than most of us. Happy Birthday!

You’re not getting older…just smarter! Happy Birthday.

You know you’re getting old when “all nighter” means not getting up to pee.

By the time you’re [insert age], you’ll have learned everything – you just have to remember it! Many happy returns on your birthday.

You have large spam! … Can you at least try to look older as you get older?

Middle age: The time when you finally get your head together – that’s when your body starts to break down.

Middle age…when “happy hour” is a nap!

How do you know when you’ve reached middle age? When you have a big sneeze, you have to cross your legs really hard and hope for the best!

You’re too old, you walk into an antique shop and they sell you.

You know you’re getting old when you can’t walk past the bathroom without thinking, “I might as well pee while I’m here.”

A little gray hair is a small price to pay for so much wisdom.

You know you’re getting old when the little old gray-haired lady you helped down the street is your wife.

If gray hair is a sign of intelligence, then you are a genius!

A wise man once said “Forget your past, you can’t change it”. I’d like to add: “Forget your gift, I didn’t get you one”.

You know you’re old when you turn off the lights to be economical instead of romantic.

I spent three hours scrolling the internet for your perfect birthday message. Then I gave up. Happy Birthday.

May your birthday be sprinkled with joy and laughter. Have a great day!

Better “over the hill” than under it. Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for friends and colleagues

Happy birthday to my beautiful friend. you’re the best! Have a wonderful day.

You are such a generous, kind, wonderful person and I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Wishing you an extra special birthday and all the best for the year ahead.

Happy Birthday! We’ve had so many fun times together this year, that I’m speechless to tell you how grateful I am for your friendship. Here are many more!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year ahead! Thanks for being such a sweet friend.

A very happy birthday to you and best wishes for the coming year. Thanks for being such a good friend!

Happy birthday to my crazy, fun, wonderful best friend! I love you to the moon and back. I am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we shared this year. I hope you have a great day!

I hope you always stay true to yourself. You are such an amazing person and the best friend I could ever hope for! Have a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead.

Many happy returns on your birthday! This year has had its ups and downs, but my wish for you today is that the coming year brings you all the good fortune you deserve. You are a wonderful friend, and I am grateful for your presence in my life.

Happy birthday to such a wonderful friend! Wishing you many blessings for the coming year.

Happy Birthday! Love you so much and can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you [tonight/over the weekend etc]. Thanks for being such a good friend!

Happy Birthday! You are such a good friend and colleague. I hope you have a great day.

Happy birthday today from all of us at [insert company name]. We hope you have a great day!

Thank you for all you do for our team. We hope you have a great birthday!

Happy birthday to my office friend! Thanks for making work such a great place. I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year ahead!

Work wouldn’t be as fun without your company! Thanks for all the great coffee breaks and sharing the load. Hope you have a great birthday today!

Happy birthday to one of the most productive people here! Someday you’ll have to teach us the secret to doing so much.

Happy birthday to one of the most smiling people in the office! Your sunny attitude never fails to make our office a bright place.

Dear [Name], I am always amazed at how smoothly things go for you here. Thanks for keeping us all organized. Happy birthday and many happy returns!

Dear [Name], Happy Birthday! Thanks for answering all my questions and helping me get settled after joining the team. I have learned so much from you!

Happy birthday to someone who is sober! One day you’ll have to teach us your secret to staying cool under pressure. Thanks for keeping the rest of us sane.

Happy birthday to my best friend! I hope you have a good one.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day today, and that the coming year is filled with many blessings.

Thinking of you on your birthday! We are very excited that you are coming to visit in [insert month]. Until then, all our love!

Happy birthday dear friend! I’m raising a glass to your health and happiness from [insert location]. I hope you have a great day!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and be sure to eat an extra piece of cake for me!

So sorry to hear that you are not well on your birthday. Sending lots of love and happiness your way!

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day today. I look forward to seeing you in [insert month].

Wishing you many happy returns on your special day! Sending all my love from [insert location]. We miss you!

A very happy birthday to you and all the best for an exciting and fun-filled year ahead.

Many happy returns to you on your birthday! We hope your special day is filled with love and celebration! Sorry we can’t be there this year and we hope to be next time we’re in the neighborhood.

Best wishes to you on your birthday! Sorry for missing you on such a wonderful day. We are thinking of you, as we raise a glass to your good health at [insert location].

Wishing you many blessings on your special day. We miss you! Have a wonderful birthday. We look forward to seeing you [insert month, or event e.g. Christmas].

Sending lots of love and a big virus free hug on your birthday. I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to get you to the party properly!!

Today I will sing you ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, each time I wash my hands. Sending lots of birthday messages love your way. A good one!
I can’t wait to be less than 6 feet away from you! Happy Birthday!

On the bright side, at least you don’t have to share your birthday cake with anyone else this year!

Happy birthday to you from a safe and appropriate social distance!

Happy late birthday! I am very sorry that I wanted to write earlier. Honestly, how do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look a day older?

Now that everyone else’s birthday wishes are out of the way, here’s a big one from me!

I promise this card won’t be late. It’s arriving after your birthday on purpose, because I think you deserve a whole birth month. Happy birth month!

Dear [Name], HBBD! That means Happy Birthday! Love, YTDF (Your Terribly Disorganized Friend)

You think this card is a few days late. It’s actually much worse than that, though. Here is your 2010 card that I just sent. Happy late birthday!

Happy Birthday! Don’t think of it as a belated birthday card. Consider it very early for next year. Here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Sorry I missed your birthday by several days, but happy birthday anyway!

I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is that I forgot your age too. Happy late birthday!

I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is that if you forget mine next year, I’ll forgive you. Happy late birthday!

I wish I could rewind the clock to get back to the right time to say happy birthday. for give me! I hope you had a great day.

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me!

Happy birthday to him

Happy birthday to the best sister! Days are brighter and more fun when you’re around.

Hooray, it’s your birthday! Probably the only thing we didn’t have to share as kids! Today is all about you – have fun and enjoy your special day!

There is no better sister I could dream of. You are my best friend and partner in crime. Life will be very sad without you. Happy Birthday!

I am so thankful that you are my sister, I can’t imagine life without you! Thanks for being amazing! Have a great birthday!

There is never a dull moment with you at home, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring to our lives! May your birthday be full of happiness, and may the coming year be the best for you! Happy Birthday!

Sisters fill your soul with bright sunshine and your heart with laughter and joy. Happy Birthday!

You are truly one in a million – so kind, caring, and loving. Honestly, I’m not sure how we’re related! I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.

Happy birthday sister. May a wonderful, glorious and joyful year begin today.

Sisters are a lot like ice cream toppings: you can get by without them, but where’s the fun in that? Thank you for sweetening my life with your love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Here is the prettiest, smartest, best sister! I think it should run in the family.

Many blessings to my dear wife.

Happy birthday to the woman I love!

Thank you for everything you do. Let’s make the year the best together. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my beautiful and loving wife!

You are my world and I can’t imagine my life without you. Happy birthday to my lovely wife!

Happy birthday to the woman who stole my heart, the light of my life, my love, my wife!

You are my today and my tomorrow. Happy birthday my love.

Once, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. I am so happy to share this fairy tale with you! Happy birthday my love!

Now we have celebrated many birthdays together. Still, even after all this time, you still amaze me! have a wonderful day.

Like fine wine we get better with age…or rather, we feel better about our age with lots of wine! Happy birthday, sweetie!
Happy birthday to my partner in wine!

Some things just get better with age…and you’re definitely one of them!

When life gives you birthdays, eat cake!

Happy birthday to our sweet, sweet daughter. May your day be filled with sunshine, rainbows, laughter and fun!

Dear daughter, happy birthday! I hope your celebration is as lovely as you are.

I hope this year brings you plenty of reasons to smile and endless opportunities to make you happy! My love, you were born to shine like a star! Happy Birthday!

May Allah make this day as special as you. Happy birthday dear daughter!

Happy birthday to our sweet daughter! The world is a better place with you in it!

To our little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday! Keep chasing your dreams and keep spreading happiness. We love you!

You are loved for the little girl you were, the special woman you are, and you will always be a precious daughter. Have a wonderful birthday!

Happy birthday to the girl who lights up my life and warms my heart.

Happy birthday to our sweet daughter! We are very proud of your beautiful and intelligent woman. Have the time of your life on this extra special day!

A daughter is God’s way of saying, ‘I thought you could use a lifelong friend’. Thank you for being me. Happy birthday darling.

To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the whole world. Happy birthday mom!

You are my first friend, my best friend, and my forever friend. I can’t wait to help you celebrate your birthday!

Happy birthday mom! Take it easy today. You deserve it!

Today is your birthday! I suggest you kick back, relax, and let daddy do all the work for once.

As I get older, I realize that I need you more than ever. There’s nothing like your warm embrace. A heart-warming birthday wish just like you!

I knew exactly what you wanted for your birthday this year. I… out of the house for a day. Happy birthday mom!

Mom, you are the most important woman in my life, and you will always be my number one. Have a beautiful birthday!

When asked who my favorite real-life superhero is, I always say ‘It’s my mom.’ Have an amazing birthday, amazing mom!

It is no secret that you have made your mark in my life. Throughout my childhood, you have been the great tree whose shade has allowed me to grow safe and strong. happy birthday mom

I’m always amazed at how good you look for your age, especially considering all the grief I gave you as a child. Happy birthday mom!

Happy birthday to my lovely aunt! I wish you a day that is as beautiful as you are.

Mothers and fathers offer love and support. But aunties… they are the ones who take us on our best adventures! Cheers to the next adventure Auntie!

Mom and Dad may have given me my brains and looks, but all my charm and sense of humor come from you! Happy birthday to the best aunt!

You’ve got this “best aunt” gig in the bag! I hope this day brings you everything you wish for! Happy Birthday Auntie!

To my aunt, happy birthday! On this special day, I hope you remember how much we all love you!

Happy birthday to my lovely aunt. Your age is this family’s best kept secret… but don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

Dear aunt, what if you are a little crazy? You’re crazy like me, and that’s all that matters! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the aunt who gave me everything my parents didn’t want me to have! I really appreciate it.

Happy Birthday Aunty! From your favorite niece/nephew! (It’s okay, we don’t need to tell others…)

You always swoop in to save the day! This time, we’ve already fixed everything for you. Happy Birthday Auntie!

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Happy birthday to you! May all your dreams come true.

Happy birthday to you! Wishing you a truly wonderful day.

Happy birthday to him

Happy birthday to my brother. Here’s to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! Happy Birthday!

Another adventure-filled year awaits you, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! Happy birthday bro!

Happy birthday to such a great brother, I hope you have a great day today!

It’s remarkable how long we’ve put up with each other. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to the best brother! Days are brighter and more fun when you’re around.

Hooray it’s your birthday! Probably the only thing we didn’t have to share as kids! Today is all about you – have fun and enjoy your special day!

No matter how serious life gets, you need to have someone you can be completely silly with. So glad I found you bro! Have a wonderful birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday bro, and that this next year is full of exciting opportunities! Keep reaching for those stars, I believe in you!

There is never a dull moment with you at home, thanks for all the fun and laughter you bring to our lives! May your birthday be full of happiness, and may the coming year be the best for you! Happy Birthday!

Every day, you are my companion, my comforter, and my friend. I feel more than blessed to have you as a husband to have and keep me. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Let’s do some mischief today and every day!

Happy birthday to my favorite adventurer. I never go so many places without you. Hurry now and start planning the next one!

There is not enough wrapping paper in the world to contain the love I have for you. Happy birthday dear!

My wonderful husband, you are working so hard. Today, sit back, grab a beer, and get ready to enjoy some of my amazing cakes. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my husband. You are the best thing in this world. It is true. I can’t imagine my life without you. Now, let’s get this party started!

I trust you. You have amazing dreams and the ability to make them come true. There’s nothing you can’t do! You have so many amazing qualities and gifts. And I know you can do anything you can. Happy birthday, let’s make those wishes come true!

Every part of me loves each and every one of you. Happy birthday my love.

To my wonderful husband, I didn’t believe in soul mates until I met you. Happy Birthday!

A toast to my husband: You are my best friend, my confidant, the love of my life. I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Happy Birthday!

Some days you are my hero. Other days, you’re my knight in shining armor. But today you are the king of the cake! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my sweet boy. Have a wonderful and fun filled day.

Wherever life takes you, I will always be proud of you. Happy birthday son!

Happy birthday to the boy who has taught me more about myself and the world than anyone else.

Loving you is my greatest joy, you make it so easy! Happy birthday dear son.

Happy birthday to our amazing son. You are growing up to be such an amazing man!

Happy birthday dear son. Be happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day, and every day of the year. We love you!

May your future be bright and full of happy memories. Happy Birthday!

Nothing has been the same since you came into my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want you to know how grateful I am that you have changed my life for the better.

“Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you think, smarter than you think, and more loved than you will ever know.”
~A.A Melne, from Winnie the Pooh
Happy birthday dear son!

My son, I want you to choose your battles carefully, with the strength and wisdom to face challenges with confidence. I wish you adventure on your journey and that you always stop to help someone along the way. Listen to your heart and take risks carefully. Remember how much you are loved.

All your life, you have worked to fulfill our wishes. Today, it’s your turn to make some wishes. Happy birthday dad!

To my dear father: You are my compass. Thank you for always guiding me to the right path and giving me directions when I get lost. Happy Birthday. I love you.

Being a father is not easy, but you do it with class and style. Happy birthday to the dad who can do it all.

All my life, I’ve been lucky to have the best dad. Now, I consider myself doubly lucky, because my child has the best grandfather. Happy birthday, dad, we love you!

Happy birthday to the man who fought all the monsters under the bed and in the closet. Thank you for always making me feel safe!

Happy birthday dad! May all your fish be big, your beers be cold, and your sports teams have a winning season!

The best taxi driver, the most efficient spider catcher, the cheapest jobber, and the most generous bank I know. Happy birthday dad!

Hey dad, I brought you a present. I stole your to-do list from mom. You just need to rip it. Just don’t tell mom, okay? Happy Birthday!

Dad, you’ve always been the best. Like all those times you said “yes” when mom said “no.” Happy birthday, cool dad!

Dad, I appreciate your pain to teach me how to be a good man despite being your daughter. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite uncle of all time! Join us as we raise a toast to celebrate you. Cheers to a life of health and happiness!

My favorite babysitter and the only adult who can play like a kid again. On your birthday, I want you to know how much you mean to me. Have a day filled with as much fun as you are!

Welcome to my uncle who will always be a child at heart. I am so blessed to know the boy who taught my [mom/dad] everything they know about being nice. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday uncle. You’ve always been the life of the party, so don’t stop now! It’s your special day and I’m ready to party until we drop.

On your birthday, I want to remind you how much I look up to you. You are not only a role model, but also a friend I can trust. Never forget the incredible impact you have on those around you. Wishing you a most memorable celebration, Uncle.

The happiest of birthdays, uncle! Thanks for all the advice and wisdom over the years. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. Happy birthday as cool as you!

Uncle, I am grateful to be your [niece/nephew]. You are both a wonderful friend and supportive father figure. Happy birthday and enjoy the bright year ahead.

[Mother / Father] told me that you are a year older today, Uncle. But you don’t seem any different to me. Fun moms like you are the best!

Uncle, we are like two peas in a pod. We go together like cookies and milk. Hanging out with you always makes my day better. I hope you have the best birthday ever!

You’re not getting older…just smarter! Happy Birthday!

Meaningful Birthday Wishes

Blow out the candles and make a wish! May all your wishes and dreams come true on your birthday today and in the coming year.

A star was born that day. That bright, shining star is you! Be your best self and shine all the time. Wishing you a magical birthday.

Today is your day. Wishing you a day, week, month and year of endless possibilities and limitless happiness. Here are all the moments to come. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you! With another candle on the cake, remember that age is just a number. Count not the candles, but look at their shining light.

Your friendship is like a warm embrace, bringing comfort and joy to everyone you touch. May your birthday be as special as you are!

Today is your birthday! No mountain is too high, no river is too wide, no dream is too big. Go out this year and grab your goals with both hands.

You are another year older! Your birthday is a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and promise yourself another great year full of adventure. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

A very happy birthday to you. This year, you will get what you deserve, and you deserve the best in every way! Remember, your success depends on you.

Happy Birthday! Another year has passed, but you will always be young at heart. Just remember, today is the oldest you are, and this is the youngest you will ever be again, so seize the moment!

I wish you a year full of happiness and joy. You were born to do great things! Have an amazing birthday!

May you always follow your own unique path as you go through this journey of life. You are an inspiration, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! May this year bless you with love and laughter and the warmth of your loved ones around you.

On your birthday, I am praying that all your birthday wishes come true. I hope you have a wonderful year.

Enjoy your special day to the fullest. Make every day of this year count! Happy Birthday!

Sending you best wishes for a happy birthday. May all your wishes come true on this special day!

I hope your birthday is filled with hope, joy and many new beginnings. You are loved today and always!

May your birthday be filled with happiness. May you find lightness to celebrate your life with joy today and always. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God bless you with faith and courage, and may your year be filled with confidence, success and bravery. Enjoy your special day!

“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”
~ Lucille Ball

“Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the most.”
~ Larry Lorenzoni

“Age is strictly a matter of mind over matter. It doesn’t matter if you don’t mind.”
~ Jack Benny

“Age is a matter of feeling, not of years.”
~ George William Curtis

“Aging is like underwear…it creeps up on you”
~ Anon

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.”
~ Anon

“Just remember, once you hit the hill you start picking up speed”
~ Charles Schulz

“It’s never too late to be what you want to be. Unless you want to be young. Then you’ll be spoiled.”
~ Anon

“Let old wrinkles come with joy and laughter.”
~ William Shakespeare

“When your friends start complimenting you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign that you’re getting old.”
~ Mark Twain

“As men get older, toys get more expensive”
~ Marvin Davis

“Age doesn’t matter unless you’re cheese”
~ Helen Hayes

“The Tragedy of Aging: So Many Candles… So Small a Cake”
~ Anon

“You’re only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime.”
~ John Greer

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”
~Chili Davis

If things get better with age, you’re getting closer to awesome.”
~ Anon

I take a vacation when it’s my birthday. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.
~ Anon

“Youth is a gift of nature but age is a work of art.”
~ Stanislaw Lec

Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the highest birth who have maintained their free will for thirty-five years.”
~ Oscar Wilde

“The old man is always 15 years older than me.”
~ Bernard Baruch

“One of the many things you love about middle age is that it’s such a nice change from being young.”
~ Dorothy Canfield Fisher

“Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle age.”
~ Bob Hope

“Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it’s not you.”
~ Ogden Nash

“Middle age is when a man has put a handle on life and life has put a handle on his waist”
~ Anon

“Forty is the age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age”
~ Victor Hugo

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