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Latest Happy Holi Wishes Text Messages

Latest Happy Holi Wishes Text Messages

Holi is a festival of joy and colors. In 2023, this auspicious Hindu festival will fall on March 28. On this day, all differences are forgotten and everyone gathers together, fills with colors, and celebrates this day with great joy. Sending beautiful Holi greetings in Hindi and warm Holi messages in English is an important ritual. Forwarding slogans in English on the festival of Holi, and exchanging Holi wishes are the main activities of this day. If you are looking for colorful Happy Holi wishes to send to your friends and family, husband or wife, kids, son or daughter, then we bring you beautiful Happy Holi messages for Facebook and WhatsApp status messages. Can also be used as

Have a look at these wonderful Holi messages that are perfect for sending your wishes to your loved ones.

Holi Greetings, Holi Messages and Quotes 2023

Fill this Holi with more love and more fun. Wishing you a colorful Holi.

Holi is a celebration of love, unity, and colors. Wishing you all the best on this beautiful occasion. Happy Holi.

May your festival of colors be blessed with the best blessings. Wishing you a happy and colorful Holi.

On the festival of colors, I wish your life to be bright with more joy, more happiness, and great success…. I wish these colors never fade and you enjoy this wonderful day with your loved ones….. Wishing you a happy and fun-filled Holi my dear.

I pray to God to bless you with red color – the color of success and energy, white – the color of happiness, yellow – the color of friendship, green – the color of prosperity and the best of everything in your life. . With lots of love, a very happy Holi to you my friend!!

On the occasion of the festival of colors and joy…. I wish your life to shine with all these happy colors that fill your life with glory and success, prosperity and happiness…. With all my heart, I wish you a wonderful and happy Holi with your loved ones.

The sweetness of Ganjia, the joy of Thandai, and the splendor of Holi colors make it the happiest time with your family and friends… May your day be filled with sweet moments and happy memories…. Wishing you a very happy and colorful Holi my dear.

This Holi is a prayer to God to fill your life with colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love, and colors of success that will beautifully complete the painting of your life and an eternal look on your face. Add a smile…. With lots of love, a very happy Holi to you my dear friend!!

May the brightest shade in the spectrum light up your life with new hope… May this festival of Holi bring more reasons to smile in your life, bond with your loved ones and enjoy the day to the fullest. Come on….. Wish you a very Happy Holi….Explosion!!!

May our relationship be blessed with all colors on this Holi occasion. May we be blessed with the colors of happiness and joy, happiness and enjoyment, unity and harmony…. Wish you a very colorful and bright Holi my friend.

Come from the house of Nile and paint your hard work and color every white of every mohle …. Congratulations!!!

Today, fill every kitchen with loving colors….. and give success, laughter, happiness and Harshu Allah in every home courtyard…. These serfs understand the language of love and heart…. Heartfelt greetings to you on the occasion of Holi.

I wish this colorful festival brings more reasons to smile in your life, more reasons to enjoy… I wish you a vibrant and vibrant Holi… May your life be filled with happiness and May you be filled with maximum moments of joy…. Wishing you a very happy and colorful Holi… Had a blast!!!

Hope your life is like a rainbow filled with colors of love, friendship, and happiness. Happy Holi!!

Not every holiday is a holiday! Enjoy yourself! Happy Holi!

Kha ki gojiya, pesh ki bhang, laga ke bit rang, baja ke dholak and mridang, khel holi hum tere sang. Happy Holi!

May God come every year. Come as the light of day. Never be far away, smile from your face.

Love is like college, sugar is like coffee, love is like life is like dreams, the night is like, and water is like Holi like. Happy Holi.

O God, have mercy today, my friends will not live today, put color in the hands of a girl, these bastards will not live pure years. Happy Holi.

Happy Holi to Sabi with the most colorful and milky color that will color your happiness.

May the festival of Ringo fill your life with the colors of happiness and may your family be drenched in the colors of happiness.. This is our prayer to our Lord! Wishing you and your family a very happy and colorful Holi

‘Tis the season for heart-warming,
Distances are the season of dying.
The festival of Holi is like that.
‘Tis the season to drown in Rango.
Happy Holi.

May the fire of Holi purify your heart,
may color,
colorful life..
Sweeten the journey of your life..
Happy Holi to you and your family.

I can’t put color on you
The face in this colorful fair,
But I am praying to God to add
More colors in your beautiful life..
Happy Holi.

stopped telling the state of his heart,
We also stopped going deep

Hey what’s this?
You stopped bathing before Holi!!

heart does
rang till
Put it on
Happy Holi!

When the beloved color will shine, a color of my friendship will also be displayed.
You will start to see all the colors of your dreams.
And the color of my friendship will shine every time you sing.
Speak up…
Wish you a very wonderful and colorful Holi!

A true and caring relationship doesn’t need to be loud
A gentle SMS is enough to express heartfelt feelings.
Enjoy the festival of Holi with lots of fun.

May Allah give you all the colors of life
Colors of happiness, colors of happiness, colors of friendship,
The colors of love and all the other colors you want to paint in your life.
Happy Holi.

Best wishes to you for one
Holi is full of sweet moments
And the memories will live long.
Happy Holi!

If wishes come in rainbow colors
Then I will send
Brightest to say
Happy Holi.

Like a red rose that fills the world with beauty and fragrance?
You have made my life so beautiful by being in it.
On Holi, the festival of colors and joy
I want to say thank you for all the love and smiles.
You have brought into my life.
Happy Holi.

Happy Red.
Immersed gold.
Soothing silver.
Beautiful purple.
Pleasant blue.
Forever Green.
I wish you and all family members.
The most colorful Holi.

A touch of green I send you.
A drop of blue to cool the complexion.
Red color for summer
And excited for a colorful Holi!
Happy and colorful Holi

I may not paint your face at this colorful festival
But I am praying to God to add more colors to your beautiful life.
Happy Holi!

May God paint the canvas of your life with the most vibrant colors.
And happiness shines in every step of your beautiful life.
Happy Holi!

Holi is the time to arrive with colors of joy.
It is time to love and forgive.
It is time to express joy and happiness through different colors.
Have a colorful Holi!

Festivals are the founders of life and Holi is its best expression.
So enjoy the festival of colors with water.
Happy Holi!

bright colors,
water balloons,
Lavish gajis and melodious songs are the ingredients of the best Holi.
Wishing you a very happy and wonderful Holi.

Our life is more colorful than colors.
Be colorful, this is our service.
Don’t you ever spoil the rangoli of love,
Oh my friend, have such a happy Holi.

bright colors,
water balloons,
Majestic songs and melodious songs
There are ingredients for the perfect Holi.
Wishing you a very happy and wonderful Holi.

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