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National Houseplant Appreciation Day

A great way to enhance a space is to add house plants. Because of the busy holidays, many of us neglect some of our normal routines, including caring for houseplants. National Houseplant Appreciation Day on January 10 serves as a reminder to give your houseplants a little extra attention to keep them thriving.

Green thumbers know that having plants in the home has many benefits, some of which are backed by science.

Benefits of Houseplants

Increase Productivity – Some studies show that indoor plants can improve productivity and performance in the workplace and at school.

Reduce Anxiety – Caring for plants has therapeutic benefits. Like outdoor gardening, indoor gardening can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and dementia.

Reduce Air Pollution – In 1989, NASA published a study showing that plants can improve indoor air quality. Since we all know from basic science that plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, this study makes sense. The more plants you have, the more effective they are at improving air quality. Certain types of plants are also more effective than others. For example, Boston ferns, spider plants, ficus, rubber trees, and bamboo palms clean the air more effectively than other plants.

Improved humidity – Especially in dry weather and during the winter months, plants improve humidity in a room when they release moisture into the air. Humidity increases a home’s comfort level, and when the humidity in our homes is balanced, we breathe easier. Also, plants are more beautiful than humidifiers.

As you can see, houseplants are appreciated. In addition to these benefits, houseplants bring the outdoors indoors that can be enjoyed year-round. They fill our homes with colors.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to care for houseplants. Start with forgiving plants such as pithos, philodendron, sansevieria, or spider plant. These plants will bounce back if you forget to water them, and they won’t cry if you accidentally overwater them.

How to observe #HouseplantAppreciationDay

During National House Plant Appreciation Day, give your plants some love. Check their soil, make sure their roots are happy, and maybe talk to them. We also recommend:

  • Adding to your plant collection.
  • Harvesting overgrown plants and offering cuttings for trade.
  • Joining a plant group. These groups help plant lovers solve plant problems. They also offer plant replacements for cuttings and full size plants.
  • Buying a plant for the first time. Be sure to choose plants that are not harmful to pets and children.
  • Taking class. You can learn how to care for plants, access resources, and improve your understanding of gardening.
  • Sharing photos of your plant collection.
  • Be sure to join the conversation by using #HouseplantAppreciationDay on social media.

How to Celebrate House Plant Appreciation Day

Celebrating House Plant Appreciation Day can be a lot of fun! Try some of these ideas to get involved in the day’s festivities:

Grow some houseplants.

Houseplant Appreciation Day is all about bringing the joy and happiness of houseplants into everyone’s home. Whether one decides to grow a small group of flowering plants for color and fragrance, or a small herb garden to enhance the kitchen, National House Plant Appreciation Day can really brighten up your home. It’s a great opportunity. Try some of these ideas to get started:

Aloe vera

For those with a brown thumb, try some plants that require little attention. Aloe Vera is very forgiving because it is a desert plant, it will actually prefer an environment where it does not receive water very often. Aloe vera grows quite well indoors and when used as a first aid treatment for minor cuts and bruises, helps moisturize the skin, and heals minor burns.

Cacti and succulents

These other low-maintenance plants are also great for beginners. Succulents are especially fun because they spread so quickly and easily, giving plenty of opportunities to quickly transform one houseplant into several. Plus, they don’t mind being ignored for a while!

Spider plants

For those who prefer something more in the realm of the winery, spider plants can be a fun plant to grow. no.

Window gardens

For the ambitious gardener, perhaps it’s time to create a small window garden filled with beautiful flowers and delicious-tasting herbs. They require a little more work than aloe vera or spider plants, but they reward you handsomely for all you put in. A small herb garden on the windowsill can bring the delicious taste of fresh herbs to home cooking!

Treat these plants properly.

For those who have houseplants but don’t always give them the attention they deserve, this is a great day to give them a little extra love! Try these ideas for special plant care that day:

Talk to these house plants.

Although it may sound crazy, research shows that plants that are talked to can grow better and live longer. No one can say why, but it’s true! So start a little conversation with these houseplants and see what happens.

Add some fertilizer.

If it’s been a while since houseplants have benefited from some extra food and fertilizer, this is a great day to give them a special treat.

Get some new dishes.

Indoor plant pots don’t need boring clay pots anymore! The varieties are almost endless for those who match the decor or even those who water themselves.

Play houseplant themed music.

Feeling awkward talking to these houseplants? it’s fine! They also seem to respond quite well to music. Try creating a houseplant-based playlist on Spotify, Pandora or another music platform. Here are some songs to get you started:

  • Feed Me (Get It) (1986) on The Little Shop of Horrors Soundtrack
  • What could be better than a song sung by a very hungry plant?
  • The Ivy by Frank Ocean (2016). This song is by an American R&B singer.
  • Sure, it’s probably meant to sing to a woman named Ivy, but that’s okay.
  • Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen (1995)
  • Released as a single on The Boss’ greatest hits album.
  • Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson (1976)
  • This is a complete album of electronic music specially designed to play for plants to relax them.
  • Give a houseplant as a gift.
  • Thinking of someone who loves houseplants? Then celebrate the day by gifting them a new houseplant they can enjoy! Whether it’s a low-maintenance plant, like a jade plant, or something more fussy, like an orchid or African violet, giving a houseplant as a gift is a fun way to show someone how much you love them.

Home Appreciation Day is finally the time to celebrate by filling all the little nooks and crannies of your home with plants!

History of National House Plant Appreciation Day

The Gardening Network founded National Houseplant Appreciation Day in 2012 to help houseplants continue to thrive during the winter months. The day also honors all the benefits of growing houseplants.

Houseplant FAQs

Q. Do houseplants require a lot of care?

A. Most houseplants don’t require a lot of maintenance. They mainly need water, light and occasionally fertilizer. As they grow, they may need pruning or repotting.

Q. Are succulents easy to grow?

A. Many succulents are easy to grow. Overwatering is usually a problem for succulents. The key is to let the soil dry out between waterings and then give them a good water. The soil should not always be wet. Light requirements vary but they thrive when they are warm and receive constant light. So place your succulent near a well-lit window or under a lamp that burns for at least 6 hours per day.

Q. I have a lot of plants. Is there a good way to organize them?

A. Plant lovers know that managing plants can be difficult. It is important to ensure that all plants receive the correct amount of light and are easily accessible for maintenance. One way to do this is to place the plants on a tired rack. A baker’s rack is ideally suited for this purpose.

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