Pakistan New Bike Prices 2023 – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, China Bikes

Pakistan New Bike Prices 2023

All companies new motorcycle prices in Pakistan 2023 are available on this page. Motorcycle prices of all companies are updated as per notification of respective motorcycle company. Honda Bikes Company is the market leader in Pakistan with a share of over 61% followed by United (China Bikes), Road Price and other Chinese bikes. Suzuki also has good bikes but they are not popular in the market due to poor resale value.

All Heavy Bikes Price List Available in Pakistan 2023 A wide selection of bike models are available according to its specifications.

Model wise bike prices are given below.

New Honda Bike Prices Model 2023

Beside their extremely popular models CD70 and 125 bikes Honda also have heavy bikes in Pakistan. Honda bikes prices increased in august 2022.

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Honda CD 7072RS. 121,500
Honda CD 70 Dream72RS. 129,900
Honda Pridor100RS. 161,900
Honda CG 125125RS. 185,900
Honda CG 125 Self125RS. 219,500
Honda Deluxe125RS. N/A
Honda CG 125 Special Edition125RS. N/A
Honda CB 125F125RS. 283,900
Honda CB 150F150RS. 353,900
Honda CB 250F250
Honda CBR 150R150
Honda CB 500X500N/A
Honda CBR 500R500N/A

New United Bike Prices Model 2022

ModelEngine CCPrice List
United US 7070RS. 76,500
United US 100100RS. 81,000
United US 100 Jazba100RS.
United US 125 Euro II125RS. 115,000
United US 150 Ultimate Thrill150RS.

Road Prince Bike Price List Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Road Prince Classic70Rs. 73,000
Road Prince RP 70 Passion70Rs. 72,000
Road Prince RP Jackpot 110110Rs. 70,000
Power Plus 110CC110Rs. 67,500
Road Prince Twister 125125Rs. 80,500
Road Prince RP Shift 125150Rs. 99,000
Road Prince Wego 150150Rs. 255,000
Road Prince Robinson 150150Rs. 272,000
Road Prince RX3250Rs. 730,000

New Suzuki Bike Price List Model 2023

Suzuki has wide range of bikes including domestic and heavy bikes. heavy bikes of Suzuki are popular if we compare with small CC bikes. August 2022

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Suzuki Sprinter ECO110
Suzuki Raider 110110
Suzuki GD 110110
Suzuki GD 110S100RS. 229,000
Suzuki GS 150150RS. 251,000
Suzuki GS 150 SE150RS. 271,000
Suzuki GR 150150RS.365,000
Suzuki Gixxer 150155
Suzuki Inazuma250
Suzuki Inazuma Aegis250
Suzuki Bandit656
Suzuki Intruder800
Suzuki GSX-R600600
Suzuki Hayabusa1350

New Yamaha Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Yamaha YB 125125RS. 300,000
Yamaha YBR 125G125RS. 312,500
Yamaha YBR 125Z125RS. 273,000
Yamaha YB 125Z-DX125Rs. 292,500

New Crown Bike Price List Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice
Crown CR 70 Jazba70RS. 53,000
Crown CR 70 HD Plus70RS. 53,900
Crown CR 100 Excellence100RS. 54,500
Crown CR 70 Self Start70RS. 62,600
Crown CR 125 Euro II125RS. 85,600
Crown Fit 150 Fighter150RS. 140,000

New Eagle Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CC Price List
Eagle Fire Bird DG7070RS. 41,500

 Power Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CC Price List
Power PK 7070RS. 41,000

Latest QINGQI Bike Price List Model 2023

ModelEngine CC Price List
QINGQI QM 7070RS. 41,500

Ravi Bike Price List Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Ravi Humsafar 7070RS. 40,000
Ravi Premium R178RS. 43,000
Ravi Piaggio Storm 125125RS. 112,000

Super Power Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Super Power SP 7070Rs. 53,500
Super Power SP 125125Rs. 75,000
Super Power SP 110 Cheetah110Rs. 81,500
Super Power PK 150 Archi150Rs. 137,000
Super Power Leo 200200Rs. 200,000
Super Power Sultan SP 250250Rs. 290,000

Unique Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Unique Xtreme UD 7070Rs. 47,000
Unique UD 125125Rs. 75,500
Unique UD 100100Rs. 85,500
Unique Crazer UD-150150Rs. 170,000

ZXMCO Bikes Price List Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider70Rs. 40,500
ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider Euro-II70Rs. 44,000
ZXMCO ZX 70 Thunder Plus70Rs. 47,000
ZXMCO ZX 100 Power Max100Rs. 52,000
ZXMCO ZX 100 Shahsawar100Rs. 55,000
ZXMCO ZX 125 Stallion125Rs. 75,000
ZXMCO KPR 200 Cruise200Rs. 245,000
ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D250Rs. 425,000

Pak Hero Bike Prices Model 2023

ModelEngine CCPrice List
Pak Hero PH 7070Rs. 41,500

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